Things to Know Before Solo Traveling to Vietnam

Everything to Know About Solo Trip to Vietnam

Vietnam is an amazing country that is definitely worth visiting. Millions of tourists come each ear to get familiar with their amazing culture. Thought it’s not a top tourist destination, there are so many things that would be amazing to explore.

If you have decided to take a solo trip to Vietnam you should get prepared in order to avoid surprises, inconveniences and make your travel as smooth as possible. Down below you will find the essential information about the country that would be great to know before hitting the road. In this article we will tell you more about:

  • Visa;
  • Communication and Language;
  • Money;
  • Weather;
  • Food;
  • Transportation and Traffic;
  • Appropriate Outfit.


The first thing to do before planning your solo trip to Vietnam will be to take care of your Visa. The process can be very tedious and very confusing, so it’s better to entrust a tourist agency with it and you will save lots on time and energy.

Some tourists can get turned away at the airport because they didn’t manage to finish Visa application process in the right way or they didn’t get all the required papers and photos with them. Speaking of prices, a regular tourist 30-day Visa will cost you approximately $40.

Communication and Vietnamese

Though English is an international language, it’s not very widely spoken in Vietnam. Before your solo trip it’s recommended to learn a few phrases in Vietnamese that will make your voyage easier and will allow you to find understanding with local people who don’t speak English. Memorize some basics and you will be grateful that you spent your time on it.

Another option is to translate English to Vietnamese online with translation services. There is an online tools that you can use to instantly translate a few phrases. Also, with new technologies it’s possible to translate words and phrases from pictures, menus and signs. Some services can even convert a real-time speech into English so it can come in handy when you have to get some info from citizens.


Knowing the national currency is also necessary. You can feel like a millionaire in Vietnam! The national currency is Vietnamese dong and for $1 you will get almost 23K dongs.

Make sure to have enough cash for your trip. Keep in mind that you can rarely find an ATM on the streets and cards are not accepted by most places. Vietnam has a cash-based economy and your task is to get as much local money at the airport as possible.


Vietnam is a subtropical country and you will encounter a lot of humidity and heat. Also, you should know that the weather in Vietnam is extremely unpredictable and can change very drastically.

The period from May to October won’t be the best for visiting country as there will be a lot of pouring rains accompanied with often lightnings. So it’s better to choose another date to make it pleasant and memorable.

Still, no matter what time of the year you choose for visiting the country you have to check the weather forecast and pack your bag accordingly. Even if heat is expected you need to take some warm clothes as well as a raincoat in case it rains or gets colder as the weather can change seriously within minutes.


Vietnamese cuisine is completely different from the one we are used to. It’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone and try everything. Moreover, it’s quite cheap and it’s obligatory to try national dishes like pho (noodle meat soup), bun cha (noodles with grilled pork).

Speaking of fruits and veggies, you will find all the variety of it but you have to wash and peel it before eating. Cleanliness standards are different, so you have to be cautious with what you eat and drink. But generally, you will enjoy their cuisine as it’s so delicious and it will be a great opportunity to try everything out.

Speaking of drinking water, keep in mind that it’s forbidden to drink tap water as it can be dangerous for your health. Food parlor owners don’t usually use it even for cooking. During your stay in Vietnam it’s obligatory to drink only bottled water.

Transportation and Traffic

Traffic is crazy in Vietnam, so you have to be very cautious on the streets and cross it very carefully and slowly. It’s important to stay vigilant even while walking the sidewalk. You have to be prepared that traffic is terrifying and there will be hundreds of motorbikes throughout the city which will be your main transportation during your stay.

Appropriate Outfit

As it’s been already mentioned, the weather in Vietnam is very unpredictable, so make sure you have different clothes with you that will be suitable for hot and cold rainy weather. While visiting temples, it’s important to always cover your shoulders and not to wear tight clothes. For women, dresses or skirts that fall below knees are also a must. We have to respect their culture, religion and follow these simple rules.

Summing It Up

Being prepared for a trip doesn’t mean only to buy tickets and book a hotel. Before you go to another country (especially in Asia) you have to learn some basics to know more about their lifestyle and cultural differences. It will make your solo trip very comfortable and smooth.

We have provided you with the main info about Vietnam that will help during your stay. Let it be the most fascinating experience of your life. The main thing to do is to step out of your comfort zone to fully explore the culture so leave space for experiments. Enjoy your solo travel!