Tagaytay City: Your Sweet Escape

Tagaytay City: Your Sweet Escape

Are you too loaded with work that you feel you need some time to relax and breathe in? Are you planning to go somewhere away from the hassles and bustles of the city life but not too far from the Metro? Well, where else should you head? Go to Tagaytay City.

Tagaytay City is famous for two things: the Taal Lake and Bulalo. These two things should be in your list when you go visit the sweetest escape from the city, Tagaytay. Just like Baguio City, Tagaytay is known for its cold humidity. It’s usually the place to be when in need to have some little “me time.”

Aside from the famous Taal Lake, which is an active volcano, there are a lot more tourist destinations in Tagaytay. You can visit the People’s Park, which is located on top of a mountain. There you will have a view of Tagaytay and its nearby municipalities.

You can also try cable car and zip line in one of the most visited destinations in Tagaytay, the Picnic Grove Going back to Taal Lake, you can try boat riding going to the creek of the said volcano. Enjoy the view of the lake within a lake.

When hunger strikes, there’s no need to problem it. Tagaytay has a lot of food destinations, which you can choose from depending on what type of food you would want to eat. As for accommodations, Tagaytay City has a lot of hotels ranging from cheapest to fanciest. You can always make a choice depending on your budget.

Tagaytay City is also known for being a home of many Catholic congregations. It also houses a couple of retreat facilities. So if you think you need some space and would want to have peace of mind, then, Tagaytay is the best place to go. You can check over the net to see where you should take your recollection.

Tagaytay City is just one of the many tourist spots in the Philippines. Just like other places in the country, it has its own history and stories to tell as well. Tagaytay has its own beauty and charm, which made it unique from other tourist destinations in the country. So what else are you waiting for? Travel to Tagaytay City today and have a sneak peek of what it can offer.