Discovering Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai

Discovering Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai

“If you haven’t tasted Khao Soi or seen the view from Doi Suthep, you haven’t been to Chiang Mai.”

The main reason attracts thousands of tourists visiting this place each year is to visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Wat Phra is one of the most venerated and sacred temple of Buddhist in Thailand. It is considered as the major pilgrimage destination, especially from February 13 to May 11.

This temple is gold plated from top to bottom so that it is really impressive. It is built from the 14th century and it reminds into the quintessential Thai myth. Guests wish to visit this temple to find the peace and tranquility in their mind as well as escape from the bustle and hustle of Kangkok.

Besides, the palatial Bhubing Palace, a vacation home of the Royal Family in past, also plays an important role in promoting the fame of Doi Suthep.

Furthermore, Visitors will be excited with many shops and restaurants scattered around throughout the park near Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. They can buy wonderful things to celebrate this trip. If you wish to overnight, you will probably hire small huts or rudimentary bungalows for your stay.

There are a waterfall on the way to Doi Suthep. It provides easy access to waterfalls-cascades of foaming water plunging from a series of cliffs. Among them, Huay Kaew fall is the most famous one. This is a perfect place for picnic.

Continue walking farther, holidaymakers will see the Monthathan waterfall near the temple. It is also popular picnic spot but you have to pay about 300 baht to enter this area.

The weather here is also different from other spot. Because of various mountains and high cliffs, Doi Suthep seems to be cooler than the basin of Chiang Mai. It is better to visit this spot in the cool season, from the mid of December to late March.

Doi Suthep is also known as an various forest ecosystem. It is in harmony with deciduous forests and tropical evergreen forests. With this convenient condition, guests will astonished by countless flowers blooming and scenting in the air and old trees.

There are more attractions in Doi Suthep you should not miss to visit. Arrange your schedule to explore make advantages of the stunning nature beauty and great constructions here to understand more about the culture and history of Thailand.