10 Yummy Indonesian Dish You Have To Try

10 Yummy Indonesian Dish You Have To Try

Indonesia is a home to large numbers of tribes, culture, tradition, and of course, yummy finger-lickin’-good food. With various terrain and vast sea, Indonesia have a lot of ingredients and so a lot of cuisine. Every district has their own dish and most of them are yummy.

Here we try to narrow it down some foods, that already famous all around Indonesia and you can find them easily. All of these are our favorite food that no pizza can take their place in our heart (or tummy). You ought to try some when you travel to Indonesia.

10. Opor Ayam

Opor ayam is chicken cooked with coconut milk, cumin, and several more spices. The cumin makes the soup golden yellow and taste delicious. The chicken are cooked until it tender. This soupy dish is identical to ied mubarak celebration here. It usually eaten with rice or lontong (rice cooked inside banana leaf) and sambal goreng (spicy fried potato and liver), topped with krupuk (shrimp cracker).

9. Rawon

Rawon is a beef and sprout stew is special dish from East Java. They cook rawon with a particular spice called kluwek that make the color black and gives the unique taste. Usually, the beef are cut into small pieces and cooked until very tender. Eat while it’s hot with rice.

8. Gudeg

Gudeg is an unique Indonesian dish come from Central Java. It is made from young jackfruit, boiled all night long with spices and coconut milk. The result is a bowish, tender, and sweet dish. It usually serve with boiled egg or chicken cooked with the same spices, sambal krecek (spicy thing and go along nicely with the sweet taste of gudeg), and rice.

7. Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng or fried rice is a common Indonesian dish. It almost like chinese fried rice, but Indonesian fried rice use sweet soy sauce. You can add chicken or shrimp or anything. Basically to go along with your fried rice and topped it with shrimp cracker. Nasi goreng is usually eaten for breakfast with sunny side egg to complete it.

6. Gado-gado

Gado-gado is various vegetable (usually long bean, carrot, kangkoong, cucumber, potato) with small pieces of fried tofu and tempeh and lontong. Topped with peanut sauce and boiled egg. Super healthy and delicious Indonesian dish. You can ask for the spicy level because they make the sauce by order. Gado-gado is Indonesian dish from Jakarta and it literally mean ‘mix-mix’. So when you talk English mix with Indonesian, we can say you talk gado-gado style.

5. Pempek

Pempek is a famous Indonesian dish from Palembang. It made from fresh fish and sagoo flour. There are various form of pempek. The most well known probably pempek kapal selam (submarine pempek). It called that because of the shape. It has egg inside it, very yummy. The texture is chewy inside and crispy outside. Pempek served with sour and sweet sauce made from vinegar, sugar, and chili, topped with cucumber.

4. Bakso

Bakso (meatball) is favourite Indonesian dish among students. Why you ask? Because it is cheap and make you full. It is one of the most convenient street food. Different with european meatball, the meat (usually beef) is blend with tapioca. So the texture is quite chewy. It serve with tasty broth, vermicelli, and noodle and then sprinkled with chopped leek and fried shallot. There always sambal (chili) and kecap (sweet soy sauce) they put on the table. So you can adjust how spicy and sweet you want.

3. Soto

Soto is Indonesian soup. The concept is small cut meat (beef, chicken, or even cow’s inside), and some vegetable (sprouts, cabbage, or carrot). with tasty yellowish soup, sprinkled with fried shallot. The soup itself can be clear or with creamy coconut milk. There are hundreds variant of soto across Indonesia. Soto Betawi, Soto Madura, Soto Kudus, Soto Bogor, etc. All of them serve with rice and a glass of hot tea.

2. Sate

Sate or satay is meat on skewer. It is grilled on top of hot coals and the smoke is better than any sign to show that there’s a sate vendor. The meat could be beef, chicked, goat, or rabbit (umm, sorry bunny lover) topped with generous amount of peanut sauce and kecap. The taste of this favorite Indonesian dish is sweet and savory, what a yummy dish. Where is the rice? It is also there in form of lontong or ketupat.

1. Rendang

Oh my, we love rendang. It is a beef dish, cooked with many spices and coconut milk in a long long time until the beef nicely tender and all the flavor is inside the meat, and the coconut milk reduced into thick mess. This most favorite Indonesian dish come from Padang and you can find it in every Padang Restaurant. Rendang already super yummy with just hot rice. But in Padang Restaurant, they serve it with jackfruit curry, boiled papaya leaf, sambal, and rice drench with curry sauce. Talk about flavor adventure in your taste buds. a little warning, this Indonesian dish will make you sweat cause it’s hot and spicy. The following two tabs change content below.